Friday, November 4, 2011

The latest "artistic" endeavor

Here are some pics of a endeavor I executed.  It's about 4 foot high, the base is oak and the vertical member is maple(from a tree in the backyard) with stones from the Canadian Maritimes.  The copper bracelets are to keep the wood from splitting.  Anyone out there want it?  Le me know.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

London in October

My first trip to this most cultured city, where people still say things like: sorry, and how can I help? and thank you, and pardon me (and actually wait whilst you move out of the way).  It was a refreshing experience and upon arriving back in the states I found myself feeling like the poor second cousin.  The American attitude is so tiring and tedious.  The in your face name calling is childish and reeks of abuse. 

In the UK, commentators on news shows actually ask politicians questions like this, "don't you think what you're saying is an excuse for the Prime Minister's actions?"  AND the politician is allowed to give a complete, unedited response. 

Enough commentary, some pics. 

The Thames, a 2 minute walk from our hotel

Big Ben, Parliment, Westminster in the background

London's Eye

Big Ben and Big head

A ship in the bottle in front of the National Gallery (and my head)

Arsenal beats Stoke City 3-1  ARSENAL!  ARSENAL! ARSENAL!

Weird face but getting ready to have afternoon tea at the St Martin's in the Field Church canteen

At the Tate modern with a risque Picasso (or is that redundant?)

Traditional English food: fried kidney, bacon(ham), boiled potatoes and cooked cabbage with some mustard.  Such great comfort food! 

we don't eat the cheese on what anyone says...

I read the above quote from a pro football player who, when asked about his coach "calling out" another team, made that statement.

"we don't eat the cheese on what anyone says..."

He did go on to say that his team needed to play the game and win.  I understand that part.  But not eating cheese because of what somebody said makes no sense.  All types of cheese?  A select few?  And what does eating cheese have to do with a statement made by a person?

So a challenge to see who can come up the most innane statement.

Here's mine: "we don't drive goats on how people look at us"

1.  Your statement must start with the word "we".
2.  Your don't-won't-shouldn't-wouldn't-etc part of the saying must include the word "on" to connect it the end of the statement.
e.g.  "WE can't swallow turtles ON silly rumors"

Give it a try when you're feeling silly or had too much to drink or are sick of watching politicians lick themselves.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's the Time of the Season...

Anyone remember the above line in the song by the Zombies?  I love this phrase, and although the Zombies were thinking of love, I was thinking of cleaning out the closet; or rather, fixing the closet shelves since they pulled off the wall.  Too much stuff:  too many pants and shirts and sweat shirts and sweaters!  So I combed and culled and put a trash bag full of the gleanings in a large trash bag for the homeless.  Everything cleaned and pressed and two nice sports jackets as well (the homeless are always trying to find that certain "look" only a blazer can provide).

Now remember I'm retired, living in khakis or camo pants, a tie dye shirt, maybe a golf type shirt, but that's about it except when I go to a school as a science coach or to church.  Then, I even wear socks!  So I later counted my shirts, just the ones in the closet, hanging on the shelves.  Guess the number?  Now remember, this is after culling.  61 and a dozen pairs of slacks and 7 sports coats (guessing the homeless I will be stylin').

You can't see my sports jackets and my t-shirts and other shirts are in a chest of drawers.  Suffice to say I still have too much-of everything.

And I got despondent, My shirt and pant size has not changed over the last 25 years and I'm hoping it doesn't change now.  So, I have more that enough dress shirts and slacks until, I, I, I die!  That's scary for me since I remember cleaning out my father's clothing four years ago and thinking, why did he have all this stuff yet wore the same 3 pairs of pants and the same 6 shirts? 

Oh, well, just need to start wearing button down collared shirts when taking care of the chickens.  Maybe even add a tie!  Wait, I need to count those as well since I must have over a hundred ties and you know they are always wearing out...  I wear a tie to a wedding, funeral, and when I want to get "dressed up", about once a year.

Any thoughts regarding this topic?

I started a few years ago, if I get some new clothing, something had to passed on.  Wish I would have started 25 years ago with the same motto.  I'd now own 10 dress shirts and 5 pairs of khakis.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vacation pics (sort of)

After spending almost 10 days in northern California (San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite) I took hundreds of beautiful pictures that look like post cards.  It's simply beautiful there.  The bridges shrouded in fog, incredible wineries, giant trees and unbelievably huge rock formations.  So, here I offer a few pics that perhaps should not be included in any album.  Here goes!
A man changing clothing in the Philadelphia airport gate before our flight is called.  Really?  He couldn't change at home?  I missed the shot of him wearing only his "wife beater".  Sorry.

My favorite picture.  Beautiful SF on the EZ on/off bus and we are treated to this lovely wall.  I would love to see the inside of the building but fear I would be tempted to jump out of that sliding window on the right.
So here we are at Alcatraz.  One person is checking the map, another reading something else, another taking a picture of yet something else and me?  I'm taking the pic of this group.  The Yutz family goes on vacation!

Where to start with this sign? 
Touch of Ecstasy.  Meaning what?
Sauna and whirlpool with incall and outcall?  What does that mean?
And no, I did not call... But thanks for thinking I might!

Ghandi on the wharf, near the ticket booth.  Again, what?  Why?  Oh, because it's San Francisco.  Now I get it...

How stupid are we?  You get the headphones and then follow the directions.  By the way, these instructions were in six (6) languages.  So everyone is dumb.  Geez, wait, what button do I push?  Green means what?  What does red mean?  Should I walk up the only set of steps?  Why is this so complicated?  ARGH!

Okay, I get it, prisoners get pissed off and break things.  But do you really think they stack the pieces so neatly?  I think not. But I'm married to someone who would...

Yes, I know this is wrong but does everyone have to be a slave to fashion?  And tattoos?  Why, thanks for asking because indeed there were a few on these rather "hot" women.  Again, why?  For what reason?  To enhance the look?  Maybe it's me...but it ain't working.

Again and again, really?  We have a federal law about boarding a moving federal vehicle?  We are gillion dollars in the red, high unemployment, a divided country, Michelle Bachman, and we have this sort of law.  If I wasn't able to walk the route I should have waited for the tram to move and jumped on.  How appropriate to be charged with a federal violation on Alcatraz?!?

More later.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer and the Livin' is Easy

Here are some the lovely summer sights seen at our place that we often take for granted.  Lots of colors and textures and aromas that I often buzz by without stopping to really see the black-eyed susans or the marigolds or the licorice mint (with a huge assortment of bees and other bugs) and of course, stop and smell the flowers, specifically the roses.  [As a disclaimer I write this in the morning so I am not drinking nor drunk.]  And the obligatory snake Ed the cat brings into the house every so often.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Italian Food and Sights

The food in Italy is as advertised:  to die for.  From the simplest Pizzerias to the many small sandwich and sweets shops to the sit down, elbow to elbow restaurants, Italians take food seriously and it was appreciated by us!  Here are some pics and the best by far was i' Mangiarino, which is in Florence, on a little side street.  Incredibly unpretentious, the food is considered "slow food" which doesn't mean it takes forever to get it, rather it is complex and freshly made and you will want to drink their house wine (served in pitchers).  The 4 of us had all this incredible food and 3 pitchers of wine and the owner chef even served us his favorite pasta with different cheeses and later a wild boar sauce over another pasta.  Each platter was interesting and scrumptuous yet never over filling.  We walked around Florence the rest of the day with smiles and pure contentment!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urinals and things potty

I admit it, I am fascinated with the design of bathroom fixtures and toilets.  I often wonder how the designers make their final decisions since there are so many variations.  And urinals.  What a great idea and any house with a male living in it should have a centrally located urinal.  Saves time and speeds up the process of peeing and moving on to more important man-type things (whatever they are, but they are important...).  So here are a few shots of fixtures I've taken during my travels.  No comments, just pictures and yes I wait until the restroom is vacant before taking the picture.  And the last one is from an eatery in Florence and there was no toilet seat and note there is no apparent way to attach one...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Italy 2011 pics part 2

Here are a few shots of  Rome and Florence.  Great weather, OLD stuff and fascinating history, wonderful food, too many cigarette smokers (even in restaurants), but any vacation without arguments is a "win" in my mind.  More food stories and statues and "old stuff" questions will follow.  Like who was this dude sitting on a turtle?  Only fat dude/dudette statue we saw.  He was correct in cautioning, "yo, don't take my picture....", but how can one resist?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They want to pick a fight over lightbulbs. Really?

Well, here continues the polarization of our country once again, led now by the House Republicans who want the energy efficient light bulb bill repealed.

This use of a squiggly compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) instead of the traditional incandescent is being called an infringement on our rights (although the incandescent bulb developed by Tommy Edison hasn't really changed much since 1879.  90% of the energy used is heat and 10% is light, kind of inefficient, no?).  Sigh...

And yes, I realize some give off different colors of light.  Some are more white or blue or even orangeish, but this is just something we have to get use to.  Automakers have mpg requirements and it indisputable that cost of energy is soaring (solar is one option but the Repubs don't want to get into that arena too deeply because big business would not make the same obscene profits like the oil companies.  That's why we need to continue to substutize them, right?), seatbelts are madatory.  But changing the light bulb?  Why, that's unAmerican and it's Prsident Obama's fault.  Really?  That has become the tea baggers party's rallying cry.

Read this: Republican presidential contender Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, in her freelance response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address earlier this year, said that under Obama “we bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy.”  Nice try Rep. Bonehead, but it was in 1993, when the last of the Bushies were in office that the bill was enacted. Georgie the Younger did sign the bill.  But, once again, it's easier to say things that suit your purpose rather than stating facts.

So, taken along with the US still having no energy policy, some elected leaders are choosing to fight about the freedom to choose what light bulb is used.  Again, never mind that many homes and most businesses use CFLs on a regular basis, it's just another issue that produces smoke so citizens can't see the real issues, like the deficit or 2-3 wars that are costing us trillions.

Geez, get a grip on reality people!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Girls Have New Digs: Chickghetto part 2 (movin' on up!)

Finished(mostly), Completed (almost)
The work in progress is 90% complete and the remaining 10% will be done when I see how the girls use the new home. 

It brings home the age old question:  what came first?  The coop or the run?  The coop is where the chickens hang out at night.  Tightly fenced in with a covered area where eggs are laid.  The run is where the birds hang out during the day.

So the coop and run must be attached somehow so clean water and fresh food can be changed daily.  Their run these days is the yard which I thought would be a great idea since they have a few patches of woods to hunt for bugs and things and even the garden, where the tomatoes are protected.  But too often I find them and their um, presents, poop everywhere.  They are poop machines and it's amazing how much of the stuff can be produced by 3 birds. 

This, of course, is tempered by the incredible eggs they give us everyday.  I had an amazing 2 egg omelet with fresh spinach, a pinch of grated parmesian, tablespoon of shredded cheddar cheese, and freshly ground pepper.  So good, just so good.

Back to the new digs.  The coop and run are connected.    They can be secured in the coop at night and have a 4'x8' run to play in during the day.  I can leave them out when I choose.  I'm sure I will hear much complaining tomorrow but when I get them some wood chips next week I think they will adapt.  They really have no choice.