Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They want to pick a fight over lightbulbs. Really?

Well, here continues the polarization of our country once again, led now by the House Republicans who want the energy efficient light bulb bill repealed.

This use of a squiggly compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) instead of the traditional incandescent is being called an infringement on our rights (although the incandescent bulb developed by Tommy Edison hasn't really changed much since 1879.  90% of the energy used is heat and 10% is light, kind of inefficient, no?).  Sigh...

And yes, I realize some give off different colors of light.  Some are more white or blue or even orangeish, but this is just something we have to get use to.  Automakers have mpg requirements and it indisputable that cost of energy is soaring (solar is one option but the Repubs don't want to get into that arena too deeply because big business would not make the same obscene profits like the oil companies.  That's why we need to continue to substutize them, right?), seatbelts are madatory.  But changing the light bulb?  Why, that's unAmerican and it's Prsident Obama's fault.  Really?  That has become the tea baggers party's rallying cry.

Read this: Republican presidential contender Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, in her freelance response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address earlier this year, said that under Obama “we bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy.”  Nice try Rep. Bonehead, but it was in 1993, when the last of the Bushies were in office that the bill was enacted. Georgie the Younger did sign the bill.  But, once again, it's easier to say things that suit your purpose rather than stating facts.

So, taken along with the US still having no energy policy, some elected leaders are choosing to fight about the freedom to choose what light bulb is used.  Again, never mind that many homes and most businesses use CFLs on a regular basis, it's just another issue that produces smoke so citizens can't see the real issues, like the deficit or 2-3 wars that are costing us trillions.

Geez, get a grip on reality people!

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