Monday, December 17, 2012

Please Make Our Legacy To End Gun Violence

Please Make Our Legacy to End Gun Violence was typed on a paper left at the Sandy Hook, CT elementary school.  How apt!  How appropriate!  How insightful!  But is this do-able?  I am left thinking of Columbine and Virginia Tech and Aurora and now Newtown and wonder if the shock and awe of these events will wither in the coming weeks-months-years?

I have posted this question on many blogs and responses to article written about this heinous act:

And I've gotten no replies, some sympathetic responses but no reasons why someone would/should own one of these rifles.  Hundreds of rounds of high impact, killing bullets exit this gun upon touching it's trigger.  You would never use it for hunting or target shooting or skeet shooting because it's a killing gun.  One designed for killing many people in a short amount of time.  Indiscriminate killing.  Used by the military types.  And perfectly legal to own in the United States.  Why?

Our Founding Fathers would shutter at the thought this type of gun would be in a citizen's house. 
Yet the NRA wants these guns for everyone. 
They foist paranoia on a scared group of citizens as the normal state of affairs, all based on the second amendment to our Constitution. 
To make money and gain power. 
Because they are impotent and scared and paranoid as well.

It's time we take back our country and out children's future.  It's time to get angry and let your elected officials know just how frustrated and pissed off you are.  And it's time to demand changing the law.  The same law President George W Bush let expire in 2004:  banning the sale of assault rifles.

Spread the word.  Share your outrage.  Yell and scream.  It's a starting point.

Yes, we need to talk about the mental well-being of our youth and violent movies and videos and the numbness that may occur to all the violence, but let's start by banning the sale of assault rifles.  We can deal with those in time but we need to do something NOW.

Email-email-email.  Write-write-write.  Let those elected official know where you stand and what you want done.  Take away their excuses.  NOW.  Ban the sale of assault rifles.