Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vacation pics (sort of)

After spending almost 10 days in northern California (San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite) I took hundreds of beautiful pictures that look like post cards.  It's simply beautiful there.  The bridges shrouded in fog, incredible wineries, giant trees and unbelievably huge rock formations.  So, here I offer a few pics that perhaps should not be included in any album.  Here goes!
A man changing clothing in the Philadelphia airport gate before our flight is called.  Really?  He couldn't change at home?  I missed the shot of him wearing only his "wife beater".  Sorry.

My favorite picture.  Beautiful SF on the EZ on/off bus and we are treated to this lovely wall.  I would love to see the inside of the building but fear I would be tempted to jump out of that sliding window on the right.
So here we are at Alcatraz.  One person is checking the map, another reading something else, another taking a picture of yet something else and me?  I'm taking the pic of this group.  The Yutz family goes on vacation!

Where to start with this sign? 
Touch of Ecstasy.  Meaning what?
Sauna and whirlpool with incall and outcall?  What does that mean?
And no, I did not call... But thanks for thinking I might!

Ghandi on the wharf, near the ticket booth.  Again, what?  Why?  Oh, because it's San Francisco.  Now I get it...

How stupid are we?  You get the headphones and then follow the directions.  By the way, these instructions were in six (6) languages.  So everyone is dumb.  Geez, wait, what button do I push?  Green means what?  What does red mean?  Should I walk up the only set of steps?  Why is this so complicated?  ARGH!

Okay, I get it, prisoners get pissed off and break things.  But do you really think they stack the pieces so neatly?  I think not. But I'm married to someone who would...

Yes, I know this is wrong but does everyone have to be a slave to fashion?  And tattoos?  Why, thanks for asking because indeed there were a few on these rather "hot" women.  Again, why?  For what reason?  To enhance the look?  Maybe it's me...but it ain't working.

Again and again, really?  We have a federal law about boarding a moving federal vehicle?  We are gillion dollars in the red, high unemployment, a divided country, Michelle Bachman, and we have this sort of law.  If I wasn't able to walk the route I should have waited for the tram to move and jumped on.  How appropriate to be charged with a federal violation on Alcatraz?!?

More later.  Stay tuned.