Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whoa! It's October and I've Not Posted Since January?

Wish I could say I have been super busy or started career phase II of my life but that's not really the case.  I have been doing things but in no real pattern or routine.  So what have I been doing?

1.  Taking 4 yoga classes a week and loving every minute of them.  Wonderful to experience one's mind and body.  Hard to explain in 100 words or less since changes happen incrementally.  I'm still full of habits I would like to amend or change but I am at least aware of noticing the triggers as they happen and try to simply acknowledge before deciding to act upon them or rather see them as passing thoughts and move on to something else.
No, I've not met this yogi...

2.  Traveling a bit far and wide from Baltimore for a spur of the moment baseball game to Washington DC to Vermont to a two week vacation in Florida to Copenhagen/London week of play and excellent food while Nancy works.  This pic is a hot dog vendor in Copenhagen.  Low operating expenses! By the way the 30Kr translates to about $5 for a hot dog!

 Natalie also graduated from the University of Vermont and in less than 2 weeks headed off to her Peace Corps position in the south Pacific.  Lots of parties and packing and good byes.  She is now posted in Palau for the next 24 months.

3.  Volunteer work with collection of food and clothing for the needy, running out to York to pick up car loads of clothing, sorting, and distribution.  Helping out at a local county historic site in the garden and other tasks.

4.  Reading and finding great/strange/wonderful/interesting videos and movies on line.  I can watch them as I please:  a few minutes and then a break or whole through.  My schedule, my whim.

5.  Cooking. I enjoy having dinner ready each night using local vegetables.  A summer of excellent tastes.

6.  Pool boy and gardener.  Again another disappointing garden and I'm not certain if it's me or the weather but the last 2 years have produced awful yields and variety.  The soil is pretty good but if it's not the groundhog or birds eating the plants then there is a drought.  I really need to fence in the garden and see if there are changes.  A fall job?  We'll see.

Early morning

7. Spending time with the chickens.  Fascinating creatures.  I will post a separate post on them in the near future since changes have occurred.

Honestly, I had thought something would have interested me enough for me to start a new direction in life.  I think the problem is related to seemingly unrelated ideas:  I am interested in so many things And I really don't want to have a 9-5, five day a week job (or a variation thereof).  So I'm basically just putzing around and taking each day as it comes.  Often I label myself as being lazy or unmotivated but that's how it is these days.