Thursday, July 28, 2011

Italian Food and Sights

The food in Italy is as advertised:  to die for.  From the simplest Pizzerias to the many small sandwich and sweets shops to the sit down, elbow to elbow restaurants, Italians take food seriously and it was appreciated by us!  Here are some pics and the best by far was i' Mangiarino, which is in Florence, on a little side street.  Incredibly unpretentious, the food is considered "slow food" which doesn't mean it takes forever to get it, rather it is complex and freshly made and you will want to drink their house wine (served in pitchers).  The 4 of us had all this incredible food and 3 pitchers of wine and the owner chef even served us his favorite pasta with different cheeses and later a wild boar sauce over another pasta.  Each platter was interesting and scrumptuous yet never over filling.  We walked around Florence the rest of the day with smiles and pure contentment!

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