Saturday, October 29, 2011

London in October

My first trip to this most cultured city, where people still say things like: sorry, and how can I help? and thank you, and pardon me (and actually wait whilst you move out of the way).  It was a refreshing experience and upon arriving back in the states I found myself feeling like the poor second cousin.  The American attitude is so tiring and tedious.  The in your face name calling is childish and reeks of abuse. 

In the UK, commentators on news shows actually ask politicians questions like this, "don't you think what you're saying is an excuse for the Prime Minister's actions?"  AND the politician is allowed to give a complete, unedited response. 

Enough commentary, some pics. 

The Thames, a 2 minute walk from our hotel

Big Ben, Parliment, Westminster in the background

London's Eye

Big Ben and Big head

A ship in the bottle in front of the National Gallery (and my head)

Arsenal beats Stoke City 3-1  ARSENAL!  ARSENAL! ARSENAL!

Weird face but getting ready to have afternoon tea at the St Martin's in the Field Church canteen

At the Tate modern with a risque Picasso (or is that redundant?)

Traditional English food: fried kidney, bacon(ham), boiled potatoes and cooked cabbage with some mustard.  Such great comfort food! 

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