Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's the Time of the Season...

Anyone remember the above line in the song by the Zombies?  I love this phrase, and although the Zombies were thinking of love, I was thinking of cleaning out the closet; or rather, fixing the closet shelves since they pulled off the wall.  Too much stuff:  too many pants and shirts and sweat shirts and sweaters!  So I combed and culled and put a trash bag full of the gleanings in a large trash bag for the homeless.  Everything cleaned and pressed and two nice sports jackets as well (the homeless are always trying to find that certain "look" only a blazer can provide).

Now remember I'm retired, living in khakis or camo pants, a tie dye shirt, maybe a golf type shirt, but that's about it except when I go to a school as a science coach or to church.  Then, I even wear socks!  So I later counted my shirts, just the ones in the closet, hanging on the shelves.  Guess the number?  Now remember, this is after culling.  61 and a dozen pairs of slacks and 7 sports coats (guessing the homeless I will be stylin').

You can't see my sports jackets and my t-shirts and other shirts are in a chest of drawers.  Suffice to say I still have too much-of everything.

And I got despondent, My shirt and pant size has not changed over the last 25 years and I'm hoping it doesn't change now.  So, I have more that enough dress shirts and slacks until, I, I, I die!  That's scary for me since I remember cleaning out my father's clothing four years ago and thinking, why did he have all this stuff yet wore the same 3 pairs of pants and the same 6 shirts? 

Oh, well, just need to start wearing button down collared shirts when taking care of the chickens.  Maybe even add a tie!  Wait, I need to count those as well since I must have over a hundred ties and you know they are always wearing out...  I wear a tie to a wedding, funeral, and when I want to get "dressed up", about once a year.

Any thoughts regarding this topic?

I started a few years ago, if I get some new clothing, something had to passed on.  Wish I would have started 25 years ago with the same motto.  I'd now own 10 dress shirts and 5 pairs of khakis.

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  1. Hopefully some of the orange shirts are still around!