Saturday, October 29, 2011

we don't eat the cheese on what anyone says...

I read the above quote from a pro football player who, when asked about his coach "calling out" another team, made that statement.

"we don't eat the cheese on what anyone says..."

He did go on to say that his team needed to play the game and win.  I understand that part.  But not eating cheese because of what somebody said makes no sense.  All types of cheese?  A select few?  And what does eating cheese have to do with a statement made by a person?

So a challenge to see who can come up the most innane statement.

Here's mine: "we don't drive goats on how people look at us"

1.  Your statement must start with the word "we".
2.  Your don't-won't-shouldn't-wouldn't-etc part of the saying must include the word "on" to connect it the end of the statement.
e.g.  "WE can't swallow turtles ON silly rumors"

Give it a try when you're feeling silly or had too much to drink or are sick of watching politicians lick themselves.

1 comment:

  1. We won’t get fishy when we get on our gravy
    We can’t know them when they get on a bus tour
    We don’t understand if he gets on a boat
    We shouldn’t say yes when they get buggy
    We wouldn’t shoot cats if she gets on the hog