Monday, June 27, 2011

What the Cluck???

It was a busy Monday, full of chores and errands and it was time to clean the inside of Nancy's vehicle after the oil was changed.  Nat vacuumed and I wiped the interior and armor-alled the inside and it was looking pretty-pretty-pretty good when we noticed 2 of the chickens were on the outside rather than the inside of the fence.  Not knowing how they got out, each one of use grabbed one, placed it on top of the fence and forced it to fly the necessary 5 feet to hit the ground.  Rather easy looking for them. 

Then I coaxed one of them back to the coop area with some treats thinking the others would follow.  She  started procking and strutting and I looked at this one's band (the girls now have leg bands thanks to Mel and her idea of putting different color velcro leg bands on the them) and notice it's the blue one, not one of the original yellow one I had caught.  Hm-m-m-m.  Listening closely (I still have teacher hearing) I start to hone in on the rustling in the pussy willows which is next to the neighbor's property.  Peeking around one of the bushes, there are 3 chickens making their way next door.  I call for Natalie and I grab 2 while she grabs the other and we march to the coop and lock them up safe and sound.

Such a racket when I go to leave.  All sorts of opinions given and calls and cackles and I swear one gave me "the wing".  A lecture was in order but by this time they were too busy eating their feed.  Tomorrow I will give them the full lecture about responsibility and respecting one's neighbors.  I'm sure they will change their new-found ways.  I'm so glad I am an experienced parent!

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