Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things do change...

Well, my late dog, Cadie, used to pee in the yard and my current cat, Eddie, pees in the yard, as do I.  I'm a bit more discrete and hide myself in the woods (sort of) but I admit, I pee in the yard.  Why waste all the time running into the house when you can simply pull down you zipper and let it happen?

Things have changed since the "girls" arrived.  When they see me in the garden or yard, they gravitate to me; I'm guessing since I am the person always delivering food to them. Check out this pic and as I am peeing, they congregate to see what's happening.  No worries, my pic is "g" rated.  Just funny that they appear so interested.  I was pulling weeds in the garden and suddenly there were 3 chickens walking single file down the rows checking on me(and no, I don't pee in the garden). 

Oh, the joys of summer:  chicken walking the property and me and the cat peeing in the yard. 

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  1. Well, well, well...Mark has been writing a blog! Great job! Your wonderful wife told me about it yesterday at church but she didn't know the exact link. I simply did a search this morning on Google "Mark Smerkanich chicken coop" and there it was! I love reading your posts and look forward to many more now that you are retired. Enjoy!