Sunday, March 6, 2011

March and I'm back in the saddle

Last Saturday was a bike-tri-running fitness Expo in Oaks.  I volunteered the morning to LiveStrong.  We handed out literature and swag and talked to people about running or riding in the August 20-21 event that starts and ends at Montgomery County Community College.  I've rode 45 miles the past 2 years, raising a few thousand dollars thanks to generous family and friends.  Thank God I have been spared the experience of cancer but all the other volunteers were survivors.  They are clannish/clubby and I understand why, they have many "war" stories to share.  And they have all survived!  A tough group of hard working folks who have a smile on their face and a very positive outlook on life!  Talk about living in the moment, these people do.  They are genuine and interesting.  Many of the people who stopped at the table told me they were survivors and were well acquainted with LiveStrong.  The first time I didn't know what to say, so I just started say, Congratulations!  You look great!

When I got home I realized what a slug I had become since I stopped riding in the fall.  I really haven't kept up with any regular physical activity except for a 8 week yoga class and found yoga tough to do by oneself.  So I bought a few videos and even then, didn't keep up with it.  Time to clean up the REI road bike and get moving!  I rode 10 miles that afternoon and 15 on Sunday and 15 yesterday.

Like watching a favorite movie or reading a favorite book I had forgotten how much I enjoy riding.  It always makes me feel like a 10 year old kid again, I'm riding to my job at Uncle Paul's pharmacy so I can do his prescription deliveries (except I now ride a much more expensive bike with all kinds of gears and skinny tires and wear biking clothing.  Yep, that would be the bike shoes that snap on pedals and snug fitting spandex and yes it's true, you don't wear underwear... Another story for another day and maybe a different audience).  I can focus on the road or the scenery or how my body is feeling or my breathing and before I know I've been out for over an hour.  So, if the weather holds and it doesn't rain or snow, I'd like to get out a few times a week, not just the weekend warrior stuff.

Although it is difficult to ride on the road at 4:30 or 5:00 on weekdays.  Too many cars being driven by tired or distracted drivers.  I will need hit the Perkiomen Trail.  But a weekend morning at 8 or 9 is a perfect time to ride.  I'm glad I ran into my old friend again!  As an added bonus to get me back in the saddle (you don't sit on a seat while biking, it's a saddle...) my sister Melanie gave the book Bike Snob, which I have been meaning to get.  Yay Mel!

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