Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Five Months from Retirement...

I'm in the process, that is, actually thinking about actually being retired.  With a pension (thank God) and with no further plans is very scary to me. 

I've worked since about the age of 8.  First delivering food (pierogi) that my mother made and cooked and sold to neighbors; working at an Uncle's pharmacy as a delivery and stock boy, and on and on until I was cleaning offices (and toilets) to help my way through college.  Luckily I have been employed as a public school teacher since 1975 (fresh out of Temple University) ever since.  Through the early years I was a salesman and construction worker during summers to make ends meet.  Once I accumulated enough graduate credits and was fortunate enough to be involved with an educational initiative (Merck Institute for Science Education or MISE) I worked with teachers inservice.  An exhilarating opportunity and experience.  Somehow 36 years have passed (with a wonderful wife of 30 years and 2 lovely girls: 23 and 21 years of age) and now I'm facing retirement out of choice.  I always told myself that I would leave teaching when I felt that I wasn't effective.  And the time has come.  I want to pass the torch to another generation of educators.

So I'm asking myself: what's next?   Anyone with insights/thoughts/ideas, please weigh in!

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